This policy was developed and implemented by the Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council (MASRC) Board of Directors (the Board). The Board has the power to amend the policy and the Board 's interpretation of the policy will be final.


There are two categories in which someone can be elected to the Manitoba Indigenous Sports Hall of Fame.

  1. Athlete

    1. Individual - a competitor in a singles event(s) or an outstanding individual from a team event.

    2. Team - a team is more than one athlete, or, athletes taking part in a team event; and as a unit has achieved an outstanding accomplishment.

  2. Builder

    1. A Builder is an individual or group of individuals whose efforts as leaders, administrators, officials, coaches, media, or in other roles have made an outstanding contribution to sport.


  1. Athlete

    1. Any Indigenous individual or team (amateur or professional) who was Manitoba born, a longtime resident of the Province or a resident of Manitoba at the time of their achievement or contribution and whose example has brought credit to the sport and high respect for the individual or team; and whose conduct will not bring discredit to the Hall of Fame is eligible for nomination.
    2. Normally athletes shall not be considered for induction until three years after retirement from competitive sport. except in the event of death or following a particularly outstanding athletic achievement that warrants special recognition. Such as participation in the Olympic Games.
  2. Builder

    1. Any Indigenous individual or group of individuals who have made an outstanding and extraordinary contribution to amateur or professional sport in Manitoba other than as a competitor, including coaches, and whose example has brought credit to the sport and high respect for the individual; and whose conduct will not bring discredit to the Hall of Fame is eligible for nomination.
    2. Those who are professional promoters, sponsors, fundraisers, and sports organizations are not eligible for consideration.
    3. A Builder may be either active or inactive at the time of their consideration.

There will be an annual review of Manitobans who have won gold medals at the World Championships, Pan Am or Olympic Games to ensure that those with particularly outstanding achievements are being recognized.

An individual inducted as an athlete who then goes on to become a builder may only be inducted as a builder in exceptional circumstances.

If the Hall of Fame receives a nomination for any individual, or for a team of identical personnel, that is already installed in the Hall of Fame, there will be no secondary installation. Instead, the Selection Committee may recommend that the new information be added to the current list of accomplishments already cited. A letter will be sent to the nominator and nominee to notify them of this situation.

A nominee whose nomination has been retired is eligible to be nominated again after a waiting period of two years.

Nominations can be made posthumously for either category.


  1. The nomination process shall be as open as possible to encourage submissions from the widest range of sources.
  2. Nominations may be made by any individual or organization, sports or otherwise.
  3. Nominations shall be submitted to the Executive Director of the MASRC using the appropriate Manitoba Indigenous Sports Hall of Fame Nomination Form and must include all the information pertinent to the record and merit of the nominee. Additionally, the nomination must be accompanied by a headshot photograph of the nominee. Nominations not submitted on the official form will be considered incomplete and will be returned to the nominator.
  4. Nominations will be accepted at any time. In order to be considered for induction in the current year, nominations must be received by midnight CST, January 31st.


  1. The Executive Director will appoint a Hall of Fame Selection Committee to annually review nominations and recommend inductees to the Board.

  2. Each year the Selection Committee will select up to five athletes, teams, and builders, in total, from the nominations received in the current year together with the eligible nominations received in previous years. At no time shall the induction of builders exceed the total number of individual athletes.

  3. If the caliber of nominees is felt to not warrant induction in any given year, the Selection Committee will make this recommendation to the Board and the Board may choose not to install any inductees in that year.

  4. Final selection of the recommended candidates will be determined by a vote of the Selection Committee, with each member holding one vote. A voting quorum will be a majority of the Selection Committee members appointed.

  5. There will be two phases to the selection process:

    1. Pre-selection: All nominations are evaluated using a point system, which is a graded numerical evaluation. Nominations receiving 50% or more of the available points will be eligible for the next round of consideration.

    2. Final Selection: Nominations are ranked based on the number designated for selection. The top ranked nominations will be recommended for induction.

  6. Nominations that meet the minimum criteria for selection but are not selected for induction in the first year, are reconsidered for a period of another two consecutive years. If a nomination has not been selected after a total of three years, it will be retired.

  7. Nominations that score less than 50% in the pre-selection phase will be retired immediately.

  8. Nominations that are not selected for induction can be amended by the nominator prior to the nomination deadline for the next year if the nomination has not been retired.

  9. The Selection Committee Chair will forward the recommended inductees to the President of the Board for approval by the Board. The Board is responsible for the final selection of nominees for installation into the Hall of Fame.


Members of the Board and the Selection Committee shall not disclose the results prior to the MASRC's public announcement. The particulars related to the identity of nominees not recommended as well as the voting and approval process related to any nominees must be kept strictly confidential at all times.


  1. The Selection Committee will consider the removal of a Hall of Fame Member if:

    1. The Member has been convicted of a criminal offense; or
    2. The conduct of the Member:
    3. Constitutes a significant departure from generally recognized standards of public behavior which is seen to undermine the credibility, integrity or relevance of the Hall of Fame or detracts from the original ground upon which the induction was based or;
    4. Has been subject to official sanction such as a fine or a reprimand by an adjudicating body, professional association, or other organization.
  2. The removal of a Hall of Fame member is the sole sanction for a member inducted to the Hall of Fame.

  3. The removal procedure is as follows:

    1. A request to consider the removal of a Hall of Fame member may be made by any person in writing to the President of the Board. The request must be supported by confidential documentation outlining proof of discredit for the member in question.

    2. The Board will consider the request and if, upon a two-thirds vote of the persons present at the meeting, the opinion is that there are insufficient grounds to proceed further, the President of the Board will send a reply to the person who made the request.

    3. If the Board, upon two-thirds of a vote of the persons present at the meeting, determines that there may be reasonable grounds for removal of the member, the President of the Board will send a written notice by registered mail advising the member that removal is under consideration on the basis of the allegations of fact set out in the notice. The notice will advise the member:

    4. That they may resign from the Hall of Fame by notifying the President of the Board in writing within thirty days of receipt of the written notice.

    5. That they may make representation to the Board in writing or in person respecting any allegation set out in the notice. The member will be provided with a date no less than forty-five days of the notice when representation can be made, as well as a date no less than thirty days of the notice in which they must confirm their plan to make representation.

    6. That the removal process will continue, even if the member omits to reply within the prescribed time.

    7. After hearing representation from the member, or in the event the member chose not to make representation within the prescribed time, the Board shall vote on the expulsion of that member. The member will be removed from the Hall of Fame if a two-thirds vote is reached.

    8. If the member wishes to appeal the removal, the process will follow the MASRC Appeals Policy.

    9. Removal of an inducted member will result in the removal of the individual from any Hall of Fame publications and displays and the individual's name will be struck from the list of honored members.


  1. The Executive Director and the Communications staff shall maintain a register of all names, photographs, and other material for records of all persons installed in the Hall of Fame.

  2. Artifacts and archives may be loaned to the Hall of Fame on behalf of individuals and teams which have been inducted in the Hall as well as those that record Indigenous sport history in Manitoba. Such items will be photographed by the Executive Director and the Director of Communications and shall be displayed at appropriate times on the Manitoba Indigenous Sports Hall of Fame website. Artifacts will not be kept by the MASRC.

  3. New inductees will be recognized in each year at an event to be determined yearly.

  4. All inductees will be invited to attend the event and will receive a commemorative award.

  5. A biography for each Hall of Fame inductee will be developed that recognizes their accomplishments and will be posted permanently on the Manitoba Indigenous Sports Hall of Fame website.

  6. A press release will be circulated announcing the inductees at the time of selection and at the time of induction.


  1. Athlete Hall of Fame Nomination Form

  1. Builder Hall of Fame Nomination Form

  1. Hall of Fame Selection Committee Terms of Reference

Date Approved: December 15, 2022

Date Revised: December 15, 2023

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